why me?
A humorous and poignant 
story for middle school kids 
about growing up 
in an alcoholic family

Copyright © 2012 Margot Desannoy. All Rights Reserved

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Alex’s Famous Fan!

“I have just finished reading the book, and love it. It is such a gift to the world..... 

For so many years my children's book My Dad..... has been one of the only pieces out there... and a couple others now for kids if a parent goes to treatment....

This is really an asset and so needed.......I will be sure to tell others about it.” 

Claudia Black


This review just in!!!

  “...the real star of this short novel is Alexandra   herself. I strongly recommend Alex and the Amazing Dr. Frankenslime for every child.” 
See full book review by Dr. Carol Gandolfo in ‘The Buzz.’
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